The real taste of Asian weddings/functions can only be enjoyed in ones homeland & through the local way. Overseas Pakistanis have to face troubles in conducting their family functions like Birthday Parties, Mehndi Arrangements, selection of appropriate Hall/Lawn, Wedding Arrangements, Walima Receptions, Get-togethers in Pakistan as they were away from homeland since long and do not have local team to conduct functions. They also need vehicles, furnished accommodation for a limited period and at the best cost. Someone having their relatives in the country but they are preoccupied in their day to day business matters and thus unable to spare themselves. Now they need someone to manage these functions professionally & responsibly according to the religious/local norms/values & standards while taking care of security issues and confidentiality.

M/s SFS Travel & Tours International have started Event Management Division to take care of the above matters. We have exclusive ideas for conducting Birthday Parties, Engagement Functions, Mehndi Functions, Wedding Functions, Walima Receptions etc.

Now, you need not to worry about these and continue your routine functions till last dates and put the responsibility on our shoulders. Please rest assured that we shall keep your head up before your guests.

Please send us your requirements for customized estimates according to your budget & number of guests. We request you to give us sufficient time for preparation so that we shall make the event a memorable one. Please contact sales@sfstravels.com.

Following are sample pictures just to give you an idea of our expertise.

Mehndi PreparationMehndi Flower Decoration 1

Mehndi Flower Decoration

Mehndi Plates Decorations

Marriage Lawn Arrangement Hall Decoration

Wedding Car Decoration1 Wedding Car Decoration

Wedding Stage Decoration4 Wedding Stage Decoration Wedding Stage Decoration1 Wedding Stage Decoration2 Wedding Stage Decoration3

Bridal Bedroom Decoration3  Bridal Bedroom Decoration1 Bridal Bedroom Decoration2