No vaccinations are required for entry. Immunizations for tetanus, polio, rabies, typhoid, tuberculosis, and hepatitis are advisable (but not essential) before travel to Pakistan.


In Pakistan drinking water straight from the tap is inadvisable. Use only a reliable brand of bottled water or boiled water from the tap.


You can get sunburned very easily in the tropics, even when it’s cloudy. Use a sunscreen, hat Sunstroke and heat exhaustion may also creep up on the unwary traveler. Dizziness, fatigue and cramps are common symptoms of heat exhaustion. Make sure you drink plenty of water and salts, and stay out of the sun during very hot spells.


There are two major groups of viral hepatitis (inflammation of the liver), which differ in the way they are transmitted. Hepatitis A and E, spread by contaminated food and water. Vaccination against the disease is available.


In Pakistan, only 2% known cases. All foreigners coming to stay in Pakistan for over one year require AIDS – free certificate.


Personal belongings are most generally allowed and customs officers are courteous and cooperative, however importation of alcoholic beverages and drugs into Pakistan is strictly prohibited. Non-Muslims and foreigners can purchase alcoholic beverages from shops and hotels that hold permits. No restrictions are imposed on foreign currency amounts. Rupees and foreign currency exchange is unlimited but currency exchange certificates recording the value you wish to exchange should be kept.

There are no limits on items to be exported if you have a export permit. Dealers that hold export permits can make arrangements for you or permits can be obtained. Requirements for a permit are photocopies of your passport, purchase receipts, a letter of request from your address to the Chief of Controller of Imports and Exports, and any shipping receipts. Receipts should show the amount in foreign currency, as well as the total rupee to foreign currency exchange rate, officially signed and stamped. All unaccompanied baggage requires an export permit for its release.